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Of course, the movies take some serious creative liberties with the Lutz's original story, but still...creepy., which is about a killer doll.What you also might not know is that this movie is allegedly based on the life of an author named Robert Eugene about two paranormal investigators who try to help a family who moved into a home they claim is haunted.

The story goes something like this: A nurse put a curse on him, which led to one of his childhood dolls becoming a possessed menace.

Dolls are already kind of spooky, but this story is just next level "nope." from 1974 stood out as one of the most violent movies of its time, and while it was definitely a totally fictionalized take on Ed Gein's, er, adventures in dead people, it's still pretty eerie that it is inspired by a real dude.

Oh, and they have masks on, which just makes everything creepier by default.

This psychological s**tshow was largely inspired by the the Manson Family murders of the '60s.

In fact, they comprise of most of this list of nine horror movies based on true stories.

Hey, why not make your favorite scary movies even scarier?

They claim that some seriously spooky you know what went down.

As someone who, for some reason, low key believes in ghosts... Okay, this is legitimately sad: In 1965, while her family was on vacation, a 16-year-old girl by the name of Silvia Likens was being looked after by a family friend.

She was eventually locked in a basement and tortured by that same family friend, her family friend's children, and neighborhood kids as well. A man named James and his girlfriend Kristen are staying at James' family's summer home, and before long, they're visited by some creepy characters.

She eventually died from malnutrition and internal bleeding. Those characters end up breaking in and causing mahem.

But they’re having a resurgence, which means that some of the biggest movies lately have been somewhat biographical. It’s like someone saying a fantasy movie based on a true story.

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