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Despite a decreasing African-American presence in the neighborhood due to student-driven gentrification, the church has been able to its attendence steady.

Those that have been forced out still find their way back on Sundays.

The church has roots in Northside dating back to 1898 and has been a pillar in the African American community since.

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In the early 1900’s, it was converted to a community center, where it has served as a hub of African American community and activity.

Students on Team Greece coordinate to pull off a keg stand during a “Beer Olympics” event, in which students divide themselves among teams, or countries, and compete in various drinking activities, such as keg stands, beer pong, and shotgunning. Joseph Christian Methodist Evangelical Church is seen through the steamy windows of a coffee shop across Rosemary St.

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A worshipper stands and clasps his hands together in prayer during a Sunday service at the St.

Joseph Methodist Church in Chapel Hill’s Northside neighborhood.

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Isrieal “True” Settles, 21, front, and Marcus Young, 23, back, dance at a community event at Northside’s Hargraves Center.

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