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Did research and talked with employees to learn this location always has break ends and nothing happens.The location hired a third party security company that does not do job ……Beware of this location ….!!!!!!

It possesses what every restaurant strives for but few reach.

I already knew from personal and past experience that my choice to choose your restaurant (Longhorn Steakhouse) was a winner to me.

We called police made a report went back in to the long horn to find that the camera didn’t work ….

We where blown off by management as if it was no big deal ….

I said , we will take desert instead and she said she would check and came back with a cheap piece of cream pie.

I have eaton at a number of longhorns and never got service like this for a .00 meal. When we did I brought the three meals home The only thing that was good was the salad…. We had the the Kobe Steak and havarti sandwich and 2 sliced prime rib sandwiches……they had no flavor…tasted like they pulled it out of yesterday’s garbage and sold it to us…will never eat at this establishment again.

You should be able to get through more than just one bite…..

Reply You would think with all the complaints corporate would try to fix the problems.

Twice in the Lakewood New Jersey establishment service and management no existent.

I must say that we very much at one time enjoyed that particular restaurant.

A snowstorm stranded commuters in 1982 and drove them towards the only hospitable place around – Long Horn. We went in about 9 pm came back out to our vehicle broken into and all our belongs taken of value.

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