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While in Manhattan, Shapiro, his gang shrinking quickly, figured maybe he could establish himself in Manhattan; a little loansharking, a few slot machines, and maybe even a speakeasy he could call his own.

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The police had information that Reles and his boys were “out to get” Meyer Shapiro, but Shapiro, only slightly wounded, went into hiding.

With no dead body and no one to issue a complaint, Brooklyn District Attorney Geoghan was forced to let Reles and his men go.

However, Meyer Shapiro was still on the loose, with Reles and his boys in fiery pursuit.

Meyer Shapiro decided Brooklyn was too hot for him, so he holed up in Manhattan where he thought he was safe; and he was – for a while.

Irving was the oldest Shapiro brother; not as bright or as tough as Meyer, but still considered the second-in-charge.

Willie was the youngest of the three – not too bright and not too tough – not a good combination in the means streets of Brownsville.

In the early 1920’s, the Shapiro brothers controlled the illegal activities in the Brownville section of Brooklyn with an iron fist. Nothing was beneath Meyer and he once claimed he owned 15 brothels in Brownville, with no partners except his brothers to share in the proceeds.

“I’m the boss of Brownsville,” Meyer said to anyone who doubted his clout.

Policeman Schreck made a U-turn and gave case; his right hand driving and his left hand firing a gun at the speeding sedan.

Soon, Schreck was joined by another police car manned by policemen Joe Fleming, with his partner Harry Phelps riding shotgun.

It was obvious; the hot shotgun had recently been discharged.

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