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Following Henry in 'Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra' and Luna in 'Jumping Girl,' SHINee's Onew is set to act as the male lead in web drama, 'Dating was the Easiest'!

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Especially that one cliche scene where her clenched fist slowly unclenches... [ 628, -16] Any of these situations in real life would be terrifying for a woman 6.

[ 487, -10] Scenes where the male lead is walking around while dragging the female lead by the wrist is such a common scene in Korean dramas but I never see it in foreign dramas.

Editors chose the scene where Junyoung and Noeul get into a fight and he forcibly pushes her onto the bed and slides her zipper down while the camera pans to a hesitant Noeul as the worst scene of the drama. SBS 'Our Kapsoon' - Depicts the ultimate drama cliche of the forced kiss.

Kapsoon breaks up with Kapdol and walks away until he grabs her, pushes her against the wall, and forcibly kisses her until she submits and kisses back. MBC 'Lucky Romance' - Gunwook visits Boni's house asks her to eat with him.

The agency, however, declined to reveal the details of the breakup citing privacy issues.

Lee’s agency MYM Entertainment also confirmed the breakup, the report said.

The drama stars global Korean drama stars like Lee Joon-gi and Moon Chae-won, having great global influence.

“Violence against women is increasingly occurring in various forms including dating abuse, hidden camera crimes, and domestic violence,” said Uhm Gyu-sook of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Women and Family Policy Department.

Sometimes the females are never told so they look like they are being forced and abused. i always fucking hated that heirs scene like it rubbed me wrong as hell when i saw it and i was like "wtf is going on" and then i heard what happened and honestly that was wrong as hell it made the scene look horrible and it was inconsiderate to the actress 4.

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