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Basel, Bern, and Geneva all launched their own local networks between 18.One year later, the first inter-city telephone line was established, linking Zurich's private exchange with Winterthur's public system.It is also very easy to install (it is supported by all the latest Windows versions, Macintosh and Linux) and does not require a license, it is free of charge. We look forward for your opinions on how we can improve the software and your first impressions regarding our program in relation with your Vo IP connection and system.

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Night service was also launched that year, starting in Basel, St. Telegraph traffic took off in the late 1860s after the government reduced the cost of a 20-word message in 1867.

While telegraph traffic continued to rise in the following decade, the technology was soon to be replaced by the telephone.

The government's initial plans called for the creation of three primary telegraph lines, as well as a number of secondary networks.

In order to build equipment for the system, the government established the Atelier Fédéral de Construction des Télégraphes (Federal Workshop for the Construction of Telegraphs).

help of Vo IP technology you can make international phone calls but with lower costs than traditional phone system.

You don't even need a real phone to make calls , all you need is a good internet connection (512 kbps minimum), a Vo IP provideer and a Vo IP software.

Yet the Zurich company ran into difficulties by the mid-1880s.

With its development falling behind the telephone concessionselsewhere in the country, the federal government bought out the private operator, paying just over CHF 300,000 in 1886.

This was a central system with the capacity for 200 lines.

The first directory was also published that year and listed 140 subscribers.

The main advantage of the Vo IP system is the lower costs or almost free costs of a conversation (depending on the Vo IP provider and your location), compared to the traditional phone system.

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