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Impermanence of time is integral to Southmead hospital where 'arrivals' and 'departures' for the people of Bristol result in emotional times which affect everyone and are embraced by the people who work at Southmead with care to all who require it.Unsurprisingly a pinhole photography project doesn't rank as a significant priority in a 430 million build of a hospital!

The flash guns need to be pointed at the subject rather than the camera.

(I find its best to get the subject to hold these in position, which gives them something to do their hands whilst looking scared!

Luckily I had positioned several other cameras around the area so the exhibition began its 5 year evolution.

Every equinox, Dec 20th or June 20th, old cameras were replaced with new ones. The images in the exhibition are accompanied by their negatives which, due to the unfixed nature of the technique, will fade and disappear forever after a few days.

)4 - When the subject-victim starts recoiling and saying things like "Whoa, that was hot" whist screaming "I can't see!

", replace the shutter on the camera then apologise for not suggesting they close their eyes before the exposure.

(In fact 77,760,000,000 Awfulogrammes could be taken in the amount of time a solargraph takes to expose! I came up with this technique when trying to do pinhole photography workshops at universities throughout the winter of 2013 - 14.

It was so overcast that every day resembled a continual total solar eclipse with exposure times (3 seconds in sunlight) going over 30 seconds.

(See the video here ) Two hand held 'Manual' flash guns.

(As powerful as you can find, 32 guide number is good) A slave unit (A gizmo which sets off a flashgun when it 'sees' another flash going off)An Awfulogramme takes advantage of the unlimited depth of field allowed by a pinhole camera, combined with the short exposure (1/5000th of a second) produced by a flashgun.

This, combined with the usual hurricane conditions which occur every winter in my beloved country, required drastic indoor pinhole action.

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