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As time passed, they stopped asking about you as much.However, my new beau (United Arab Emirates) offered me more. So much so that he was willing to house the kids and I, fully support me in sickness and in health, and vowed never to steal a penny of my earnings to pay his greedy uncle. Granted, we had our ups and downs but he opened my eyes to the possibilities of what a healthy relationship could look like. How our interactions should positively benefit both parties involved.

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They are unable to grasp why I chose to return to such a toxic relationship.

Others simply have a lack of understanding for my situation because they only see our interaction as healthy. While others acknowledge the abuse and disrespect and want to leave as well but just don’t know how. Yes, I love you America, but I’m not in love with you anymore. Since my return, our relationship has been extremely stressful on multiple levels.

I try to embrace and acknowledge my purpose for reconciling with you.

Although I missed you dearly, I didn’t want to buy into your BS. This sole reason is why I stay in this sub par relationship to date. Many tell me I should revisit going back to my ex or find a new friend who values me.

I’m sure your biggest supporters will call me all types of hateful things, like unpatriotic and a trader of my country.

But I’m so over it because of the mere fact that they never liked me anyway.

As I write this, I now realize how much I sincerely miss my ex.

America, this week we will celebrate the one year anniversary since we reconciled our differences and I decided to give our relationship another go.

I had to pay you a hefty wage to take care of me for what I had already financially pre-sacrificed. I recognized that I had fallen victim to your sweet talk.

America, you promised me that I MATTERED but failed to protect me.

They are the same ones that would instigate issues in our relationship by throwing rocks and hiding their hand. I’ve reentered into this relationship wiser, healed, whole and with a glimpse of what better looks like.

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