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If you want to become a direct man, understanding the appeal is a good place to start. It’s hard to trust the ambiguous, indirect type, and dating these kinds of guys usually results in the woman’s confidence level plummeting the longer she has to guess how he feels.

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When any part of this complex chain breaks down, it can be a source of conflict and could even be central to the relationship ending.”Women are much more attracted to the emotionally transparent man than to a man who is closed-off.

Back when we were girls, we may have been attracted to the mysterious, ambiguous man who was tough to figure out. She wants you to tell her what’s on your mind instead of shutting off when something’s wrong.

Many single young women navigating the dating scene read my dating advice column, The Babe Report, and e-mail me with their frustrations regarding how tough dating can be.

What is the most common complaint among these single ladies?

Don’t dare call her a bitch or you’ll regret the date you ever asked her out. If you have a horrible haircut and you ask her how she likes it, she’ll tell you it looks bad. If you notice, everyone in her life treats her as an equal and she does the same. See, it’s not that bad dating a straightforward woman.

Otherwise, just get used to hearing whatever happens to be on her mind. Do you really need to know every detail about her orgasmic night alone a few days ago? She doesn’t put up with it from her friends and she’s not going to let you do it either. She’s simply being honest, but some people take that honesty as an insult. She’s not going to let anyone make her feel inferior. Don’t worry, you’ll quickly be able to tell how she uses sarcasm and what it means.

Have you ever wondered what drives a woman to choose you?

If you’re direct and confident while others remain passive, there’s no contest – you’ll already be the clear winner in her eyes.

Indirect, passive men, who aren’t open about their feelings, have no solid plan, no clear intentions, and make dating feel exhausting instead of fun.

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