Dating anniversary milestones

Then again, I know some people who are only in relationships for about 3 months at a time... When my bf and I started dating 10 years ago, the first year we celebrated months.

Back then we were 18/19, so being juvenile was expected haha. To each their own, I suppose My boyfriend and i would just text eachother happy 3 months or happy 8 months and that would be it.

At my best college friend’s wedding, a groomsman joked that the bride and groom were very good at honoring “month-aversaries” in Facebook status updates.

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Sometimes though when it's the 20th, cause that's our day, we say happy annaversary(we don't know the exact month) and we treat each other out to dinner For the first year we did celebrate every month.

He'd usually give me the amount of flowers for the amount of months.

I have always thought celebrating months was silly.

It seems like mostly a thing teenagers do because most of their relationships don't even last one year.

He did post a picture of me on his Instagram for our 6 month though and I thought it was incredibly sweet.

He's so good to me and I love cute stuff like that.

I bought a few things from Open Sky and went to Target on Cyber Monday (but not Black Friday, because I don’t want to get trampled) to get holiday shopping out of the way, and after glancing at the horrifically violent Legos in the kids’ aisle, I decided to wait on purchasing gifts for my nephews and headed for the greeting cards section.

Not only do three family members have birthdays in December, but my new flame and I are celebrating our two month anniversary, so I thought I’d grab him a nice note to accompany the pre-Christmas present I’d picked out.

The problem was, there weren’t very many anniversary cards for non-married newbie couples.

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