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Critics have also noted that the film’s star — the actress Lilly Collins — is a stereotypical version of a patient with anorexia: a young, white, pretty, rail-thin woman.

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And that’s not the only bit of artistic license Noxon has taken.

The physician character, played by the actor Keanu Reeves, also has a penchant for profanity.

Among the most contentious, he said, was his advocacy to have a single physician take charge of a case and play down the role of therapists and nutritionists.

“People would throw chairs at me for that,” he recalled.

Also controversial was his decision to have patients face away from the scale when he was weighing them, so they couldn’t see their weight.

He also shunned discussion of calorie counts in talking about nutrition, trying instead to root the conversation in more tangible terms.“The thing that my doctor did for me that so few people were doing was frame it not as a problem I had with food or my body, but a problem I had with my soul,” Noxon told the Washington Post.(She didn’t return STAT’s interview requests placed on Twitter and through a Netflix spokeswoman.) Mac Kenzie said that some of his ideas provoked controversy in the field. The film was written and directed by one of his former patients, Marti Noxon. He’s the physician who helped inspire a controversial Netflix movie about anorexia, “To the Bone,” which begins streaming on Friday.“He uses language in that film that I would never use,” Mac Kenzie told STAT.

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