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Maybe you’ve been married three years, or maybe just three months.Your wife likes sex, every bit as much as you, maybe more if you think about it.

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If you want to join the fun, we are happy to pùblish your stories - they can be fantasies about what you would like to do, or you can tell us about the meets you have had, or the various ways you like to humiliate your cuckold..

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I got a message from a woman, let’s call her Sharon, on another website.

We chatted a bit about “What is a common response for a husband in a first time MFM”, and she called me...

If the woman you married thinks your dick is pathetic and unsatisfying then chances are, she’s one-hundred percent right. It sounds like you’re lucky she’s even still with you, mister pencil dick. Take your tweezers size dick and head out the door.

Looks like it might not be so easy for you to find another woman who will put up with your dinky penis. You’ll be left alone to masturbate when you get horny (if you can even find that tweezers size dick in your pants).

So what do you think about that, mister itty-bitty penis? The decision that you have to make, and the only one you have any control over really, is if you are going to be a part of this thing or not.

And that all boils down to hot fucking sexy hot your wife is and how real you get about yourself.

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I spent hours on the phone with her, and I have built her story from bits a...

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