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In 1996 he was sued by Lloyd's of London after being fired from a film for drug addictions he had failed to disclose to the insurance company, and in 1997 he filed for bankruptcy, listing as assets only his 10-year-old BMW, 0 in cash, and royalties and residuals valued at ,500.

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Her friend, Alana Stewart, tells us what she and Ryan O'Neal think.

" You know, I said, "Yes, come in." And her and my brother came in.

(END VIDEO CLIP) KING: And then, Farah Fawcett Oscar snub -- fans demand an answer. Corey Feldman, the long time friend of Corey Haim, is here tonight. COREY FELDMAN, ACTOR: Well, it was pretty terrible, Larry -- I mean as these things always are.

Why wasn't she honored at the Academy Awards when others who have died were mentioned? They co-starred in several movies, including "The Lost Boys" and "Licensed to Drive." They also teamed up in the A&E reality series, "The Two Coreys" and that occasioned the fact when they were both on this show together in July of 2007.

In 1989, when rumors of drug addiction first became a distraction to his career, Haim starred in a short video called Corey Haim: Me, Myself, and I, in which he denied any drug problems and stressed his wholesome family connections.

By 1991, though, his drug problems were well known, co-workers complained about his spaced out behavior, his performances lost whatever sparkle they once had, and his films lost most of their audience.Remains: Buried, Pardes Shalom Cemetery, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada Gender: Male Religion: Jewish Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor Nationality: Canada Executive summary: The Lost Boys As a child, Corey Haim was not interested in acting, but his mother enrolled him in drama lessons, hoping it would help him overcome his shyness.As a young boy, he had a small role on a mid-1980s Canadian sitcom, The Edison Twins, which later aired on the Disney Channel in America.In his first film role, 1984's Firstborn, he played cocaine-dealer Teri Garr's pre-teen son.He came to stardom playing a shrimpy high school kid who gets injured playing football in Lucas with Charlie Sheen, and as the new kid in Vampire Ville in The Lost Boys with Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland.Last and perhaps of most interest to regular S&C readers: Corey was most recently dating none other than Daisy "Alexis Arquette" De La Hoya from our favorite show !!

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