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Partly naked dancers from Rio de Janeiro celebrating carnaval is the first though of westen men thinking about Brazilian women, but Brazil is a huge country accounting for more than 200 million citizen.Most of the inhabitants of Brazil are the offspring of immigrated families from all over the world.

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Here you can read everything about dating a Brazilian wife, a Brazilian holiday girlfriend and about marriage with a Brazilian woman.

Western men are often attracted to Brazilian women and also the opposite is a fact.

Many eye catching mixes are very common, like light skin, dark eyes and frizzy hair, or dark skin, blue eyes, and blond long hair.

In Brazil you can see it all, even within a family.

All actions have to be discussed and you can never be sure if you are doing the right thing.

Most Brazilian women are very skilled in attracting men.

The famous favelas where criminal drug gangs are ruling over the people, where boys die young and where it is to dangerous for the police to do their job.

About 45% of the Brazilian women is mixed African-Europese-Indian blood and is light to dark skinned with dark hair.

Don’t think that Brazilian women are analfabetic farmers without any modern devices.

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