Boy meets girl still dating dad

Beginning with our Creator, this series approaches guy-girl relationships from His perspective, helping lay the ground work for meaningful relationships now and a marriage that will last.

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Shawn tried to find out who she was on the internet, but couldn't find any information on her. Virna would often run away because she felt that she and Chet were bad parents, thus causing Chet to run after her to bring her back. She is mentioned in the BMW episode "Cory's Alternative Friends".

Shawn didn't find out that he is not her biological son, until the last season of Boy Meets World. She is now considered a continuity error in the series as she is never mentioned again, having been erased from the show's continuity.

He made horse racing bets for Shawn and Cory when they were 12, and arranged cargo plane tickets for the two of them when they wanted to go to Disney World so that Cory and Topanga could reconcile. Shawn first met Katy, intending to scold her for missing Maya's 14th birthday, however, he soon found he had misjudged her.

When Katy was $50 short in paying for Maya's birthday locket, Shawn made up for it, asking in return only to take the family portrait designed to fit inside the locket.

Before their wedding later on, Shawn was made the best man but it led to many problems, and he had to sadly accept that Topanga was going to become Cory's new best friend but they were still close soon afterwards. Like him and Cory, they were close friends, and shipped her and Cory together.

This is shown in My Best Friend's Girl when he purposefully asks her out on a date to get her and Cory together and it works.

In Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow Shawn says the one thing that was great about Topanga was she never looked in the mirror until then,(when she cut her hair) and she had this confidence on herself he liked.

Riley is the daughter of his best friends, Cory and Topanga, whom he views as a niece.

At the end of Boy Meets World, Shawn moved to New York along with Cory, Topanga, and Eric.

He left New York the same day Riley was born, and has since traveled around as a photographer and a writer for the "Hit The Road" website. Shawn is a bit of a huge trouble maker throughout the series, that gives him a "bad boy" image and a bit of a popularity boost.

While trying to impress her, Cory falls into the llama habitat and Shawn rescues him, forging a lifelong friendship.

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