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Recently, I started talking about getting a REAL BBC for her to get her pussy whilst pumping her pussy with her favourite didlo.After few weeks, when I repeated the same thing, she first time replied that “you only talk but never get me a REAL BBC”.In order to ensure she gets full long session of fucking with Simon and enjoy every seconds of it, I gave her a good fuck the night before so that she can last a bit longer.

When I gave her a kiss, she was shaking with nervousness. She said, she wasn’t sure about this and not sure whether she would be able to go ahead with this.

As we’ve never met Simon before, we were not sure what he will be like and may have used a fake photo to trap us.

She put some light make up and was ready in plenty of time to spare. She must be wearing a loose bra as I felt that her tits were already hard with excitement of something adventurous we were about to do.

Personally, I don’t like her wearing padded bra as it removes the real feel when I touch her from the top.

Rather than putting another layer of clothing, she put on a black abaya only, leaving her literally naked underneath her black abaya.

I asked her to wear a red scraf which stands out very well with her fair skin complex.And if she stays with me then that’s the sign that she wants to go ahead with this.This additional opportunity to verify / reject was sufficient enough to get her to the hotel.As part of me using XHamster tricks on Farida, I started talking dirty whilst fucking her.To my surprise, she enjoys every bit of my dirty talks, which has immensely improved our sex life.She noticed these changes and ask if that’s the result of me watching “dirty” movies? Her blank response was that if it’s improving your performance then that’s fine..

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