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Techniques of Cooking I This series is designed to teach the novice home chef and budding culinarian the essentials for everyday cooking and entertaining.

You will also learn proper food handling, food safety, and basic knife skills that will elevate your cooking ability to the next level.

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During the summer months and school vacations, CSCA hosts classes for teens, tweens, and in-betweens ages 8 – 17.

We introduce our budding culinarians to basic kitchen concepts like food safety, knife skills, and proper cooking and baking techniques.

Week 1 – Knife Skills Week 2 – Eggs Week 3 – Soups and Stocks Week 4 – Dry Heat Cooking Week 5 – Moist Heat Cooking Week 6 – Master Sauces Techniques of Cooking II After mastering some impressive skills and techniques in Techniques of Cooking I, you will want to take your abilities to the next level.

Learn additional techniques for preparing vegetables, chicken, meat, fish, and pasta; and make it all come together in a complete meal sure to wow even the pickiest dinner guests.

Classes will feature easy to prepare, quick, nutritious, and authentic dishes.

Day 1 – Piedmont Day 2 – Emilia Romagna Day 3 – Lazio Day 4 – Campania Day 5 – Tuscany Teen Tour of Asia From lemongrass to galangal, common ingredients from Asia can seem totally exotic.

Impress friends and family with scrumptious cream puffs, breads, pie crusts, and cakes.

Week 1 – Pâte à Choux Week 2 – Pies and Tarts Week 3 – Breads Week 4 – Cakes Techniques of Baking II Now that you’ve gained knowledge and mastered the skills from Techniques of Baking I, let us take you further.

Week 1 – Puff Pastry Week 2 – Meringues Week 3 – Cakes II Week 4 – Chocolate Regions of Italy Discover the beautiful land of Italy and the flavors and cuisines that define each region, traveling from north to south.

Recipes highlight the dishes of each region, showcasing ingredients, cooking style, and ethnic influences comprising the local flavors.

Those who continue along our techniques series tracks will learn more intricate methods and recipes, developing truly impressive skills.

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