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I barely snowboard, and I don’t even really like snowboarding.

I suppose it’s fun, and I like looking at the photos, but beyond that, whatever.

It has always existed, but as magazines continue to struggle to survive in a world with too many advertising options, it has only gotten worse over the last few years.

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These brands can save money over old world advertising, and reach larger audiences on a daily basis. The site is called Yo Beat: Making fun of Snowboarding.

So with this new (I believe soon-to-be) power, brands have less room to make demanding content controlling phone calls. Recently Jake Burton (owner of Burton Snowboards) held his annual Fall Bash at his compound in the Northeast. It’s an invite only event (the invite being a glossy postcard hyping it up as if it’s a Hollywood party) but at the same time it’s far from exclusive. So Brooke from Yo Beat flew across the country to attend, and because Yo Beat is media, she wrote a story about it. But the story in no way slammed Burton, or made them look bad.

Making Burton look like a bunch of Social-media challenged nitwits, and making it very clear that the original story should have stayed up in the first place.

Somehow, not only had Burton made a small-time story that would have gone away a big deal, they had made a blog about the state of the media into a comment battle about Burton. Instead of being a transparent, modern brand, Burton had its insiders posting anonymous hate comments all over Yo Beat and Brooke’s blog.

Quite frankly they’re scared shitless and the panic this whole thing caused Burton is an obvious sign of that. The fact is that brands and media can work together to benefit each other without one expressing control over the other, and in a sport like snowboarding that’s how it should be.

But when it comes down to it these brands are ultimately (still) going to need the media down the line. This shit is supposed to be fun, and shouldn’t be governed by demanding phone calls and threats.

In the interest of saving a friends job, Brooke pulled the story down.

It had nothing to do with advertising demands, and I even suggested it be put back up right away to alleviate those accusations.

That being said, Yo, one of the largest independent snowboard sites, shares a studio space with me in Portland, and I work closely with the site.

In our office, as media people, the site is a gauge of how people use the internet and experiment in media, as much as it is a content outlet.

Allegedly, someone was concerned about losing their job for inviting Brooke. Nor did Brooke (The story would have faded into obscurity were it not for an anonymous hater from inside Burton’s ranks, which we’ll talk about in a minute).

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