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'When you've got little kids on a carpet, the little boy will be the one who's jumping, he can't sit down, he suddenly runs out of the room.

Sandra Scott, now 49 has talked about her difficulty regulating her emotions when she was younger, 'if I got upset, I couldn't stop myself.

I knew I'd be sobbing for a long time and I used to take things really badly.' This is a typical symptom of ADHD, leading people with the condition to have extreme emotions, from sadness to overexcitement.

People that have ADHD are often prescribed a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and medication to help control their behaviour.

When we do something we enjoy a chemical called dopamine is released in our brain.

When businesswoman Sandra Scott was young she was described as a 'lively child'.

She'd been known to cut off her cat's whiskers, slam tweezers into the wall and in secondary school, she spent fifteen weeks in detention for lateness.

But they also have another thing in common – their gender, and the truth is, ADHD isn't a disorder that is confined to disruptive young boys or successful men.

It is a lifelong condition that affects both men and women with the latter commonly going undiagnosed.

She adds that using clinical diagnoses, researchers have found that 26 percent of people in prisons across the world have ADHD.

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