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These light aluminum, alloy, bodies weighed about 260 pounds less than the steel bodied cars and contributed tremendously to improved performance.

For the two cam Berlinettas approximately 27 alloy bodies were constructed with two gauges of aluminum used and a variety of standard and lightweight chassis, equipped with 275 engines in an amazing variety of tune that only a racing organization like Ferrari could produce.

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Fritz remembers mechanic Francois Sicard covered in oil, while an intense Sam Posey stalked the scene repeating, "Let us persevere, gentlemen; let us persevere.” Well, persevere they did.

And they came home 2nd in class, 23rd overall, having lost 3 hours in the pits!

By 1970 the car was in Houston, painted an interesting metallic brown and owned by Dr Ron Finger, a plastic surgeon, who would go on to own many interesting Ferraris.

It was maintained by Sid Simpson at his “Simpson Automobile”. Finally in 1972 the car, in somewhat rough shape was bought, with Sid’s help, by a young Doctor Frenger for $8,000.

Much exotic tuning was done to the engine, but Fritz maintains that the engine wasn’t taken apart; no hot cams no special pistons, no polished rods, nothing. On arriving at Daytona, there was one driver available, a certain Ricardo Rodriguez, not the Mexican Rodriguez of international fame, but a cattle rancher from South America with a passion for racing.

A young Sam Posey was also without a ride, so he was hired for his first ever race in a Ferrari.

Ferraris were always a great draw, and looking ahead to his 1969 event, France was unsure if any were coming at all.

But he wanted Ferraris there all the same and he asked it NART had anything in stock to bring down.

Ferrari, 275, four cam, alloy, and NART—a fabulous combination and potential entry ticket for many road or track events.

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Its transformation to competition status was performed by the NART organization, the quintessential racing team, with a long history of preparing Ferrari race cars for International competition.

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